Uniting diverse people around fun, art and community.

Who doesn’t want to get immersed in different cultures, make new friends, learn a new skill, share knowledge and enjoy a great time ?

Organizing events and encouraging local artists.

whether it’s music, painting, photography, film making or whatever you are passioned about let us know, we might have a spot for you.

Meet the Founders

Learn a bit more about the founders vision and backgrounds

Houcem Eddine Bellakoud

DJ, photographer and cultural entrepreneur

Houssem-Eddine Bellakoud (hereinafter Houcem) was born and raised in beautiful Tunisia. In 2013, he followed his heart to the Netherlands, in search of love. To his surprise, he fell in love with a city and its diverse inhabitants. Rotterdam’s multicultural society has inspired him to become an artist, photographer and cultural entrepreneur. Houcem: “The universal beauty lies in the diversity of the world’s population”.

Houcem came to the Netherlands as an immigrant and has rebuilt his live from nothing. Along the way he met and has built friendships with beautiful souls. His goal is to bring people together and spread love through cultural projects, events and art.

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Jeanthalou Haynes

Art Curator

Jeanthalou has been an English teacher in Rotterdam for 14 years now. In addition to teaching, she is well on her way to expand her repertoire as an Art Curator. Since 2018 she has been active in the Rotterdam art scène. Due to the corona crisis, she was forced to mainly engage in online collaborations.

Last September she was finally able to show her passion for curatorship and storytelling to her audience during the first photo exhibition ‘Unity in Diversity’. “The enthusiasm of the public motivates me to continue to inspire and connect young people with art. We are past the time when art is old-fashioned. Art knows no age!”: Jeanthalou.

Both Houcem and Jeanthalou have a large network of artists and art lovers. Organizing a market is the ideal way to bring this group into contact with each other. The character of the market they have in mind is street culture: A place where artists, young creatives, photographers and musicians are given a stage.

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